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Manufacturer of feed screw extruder spare parts 

Hankook Tec Co.,Ltd.

Since it was established in 1998, Hankook Tec has devoted itself to the development of spare parts of a feed extruder and expander of WENGER, EXTRU-TECH, BUHLER, MATADOR, AMANDUSKAHL, and ALMEX, ETC.

Specialized in spare parts of a feed screw extruder and expander.

Business Overview _ Spare parts of feed screw extruder

​You can check information about Hankook Tec and our feed screw extruder spare parts.


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Product Information _ Spare parts of feed screw expander

​You can check the model names and photos of the feed screw parts manufactured by Hankook Tec.

Manufacture of screw parts

​We, Hankook Tec Co., Ltd., have not only the products shown in the product information, but also a variety of feed machine spare parts that have not been updated. And it is also possible to make to order according to the buyer's request.

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